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SDCMS will prepare you to face reality by giving you an exposure to real life business situations, which are discussed by the faculty in its interaction with you on a daily basis. This integration offers the most pragmatic mix of the most advanced education possible. An innovative and extensive curriculum, a faculty of committed teachers and scholars, a modern campus with well equipped facilities and an ongoing input from the corporate community combine to position you for success in today�s global marketplace.
Leadership, creativity, the ability to communicate effectively and to be a part of a team are all regarded as important components of a successful commercial career. At SDCMS, we are aware of how essential it is to develop transferable skills outside of academic study. It is our aim to encourage you to become autonomous learners since today, the onus for skills development is shifting from organization to individuals will be made to learn to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to become more effective, both during your studies and eventually in your workplace.


  • DIRECT LINKAGE WITH INDUSTRY for acquiring practical skills of management.
  • DIVERSE STUDENT BODY developed through a highly competitive admission process.
  • HIGHLY QUALIFIED FULL �TIME FACULTY with national reputation for teaching and research.
  • SUCCESSFUL MANAGERS AND BUSINESS LEADERS as part-time / visiting faculty.
  • ACCESS TO EXTENSIVE FACILITIES like well � stocked library, 24 hours computer center with 512 KBPS internet facility.
  • CAREER PLANNING AND PLACEMENT leading to challenging management positions.
  • DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI recognized for their performance in the Industry.

LIFE AT SDCMS The life of every student at SDCMS is a harmonious blend of education, learning and recreation. The daily schedule is packed with demanding but enjoyable live case discussions, interactive class room sessions and debates on a vast array of current academic fields. SDCMS encourages its students to develop a good sense of camaraderie coupled with an ability to lead. It cultivates sharp business concern with a strong inclination towards principles and values.